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Is the Golden West Dental Plan a Good Dental Plan to Buy?

Aug. 7th 2010

My question is the Golden West dental plan a good plan to buy for me and my family. We live in California and there seems to be a bunch of dental plans around. My understanding is that it is a HMO meaning that I will need to pick a dentist in their network.

I do not have a problem with that since I have not seen the dentist in a long time time. My kids need to see the dentist as well. Golden West has two basic planc to choos from. The GW100 HMO SmileChoice 100 Dental Plan for $7.64 a month and the GW200 HMO SmileChoice 200 Dental Plan for $19.11 a month.It looks like they just raised their rates from $6.50 for the 100.

I found that if you buy the GW200 plan teeth cleanings only cost five bucks.That seems like a really good deal. Anyway I would recommend the dental plan just be sure there is a local dentist you can see. I found most of this information at their Golden West dental plan site.

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