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Aetna Dental Insurance Access Plans, California Individual and Family Members Use It

Feb. 25th 2011

Aetna dental insurance is one of the most popular dental insurance plans around.  Aetna dental insurance also brings a great range of benefits.  Aetna dental insurance is preferred by a lot of individuals and families with a wide variety of plans to select.   Aetna dental insurance will also offer a lot of flexibility and convenience to the policy holder.  Aetna dental insurance has a reputation of a good service that promises prompt payment of all claims.

Aetna dental insurance is a very popular dental insurance that is linked with affordable and high quality dental care.  Not only this, Aetna dental insurance is also well known for its facilities to carry out online inquiries regarding status of the pending claims.  One of the good things about Aetna Dental Insurance is that they provide the best support network.  Aetna dental insurance is offers nationwide dental coverage.  You can get an instant online quote for Aetna Dental Insurance with just one step process.  Put your zip code in the zip code box to get your instant Aetna Dental Insurance Quote.

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Is the Aetna Dental Access a Good Dental Plan?

Aug. 18th 2010

Seems that the Aetna Dental Access is a network dental discount plan available in each state including California. That way you can transfer your dental benefit services to another state if you moved. It is especially helpful in California because there are a lot for dentists in the network and the Aetna name is fairly well known.

There is a different ADA schedule for each state so be sure your zip code is correct otherwise you may show up at the dental office and their charges may different than what you have. Here are some of the limitations or the fine print:

This schedule is only to be used as a guide to determine approximate prices for dental services in the geographic area noted. The fee schedule amount reflects average fee information currently available on the Aetna Dental Access system. Individual dentist fee schedules may differ. We make no guarantee as to the accuracy of any particular fee amount. In order to determine the specific rates for a dental provider, you should contact the dental provider directly.

Dentists participating in the program network have agreed to make certain dental services and supplies available to you on a discounted service basis. The term discounted service means a dental service that is available to you at a reduced cost from fees normally charged by the dental provider and for which you are solely financially responsible. All payments to dental providers are due and payable at the time of service, unless another payment arrangement is mutually agreed upon between you and the treating dental provider. You shall be subject to the treating dental provider’s late payment and other office policies.THIS PROGRAM IS NOT AN INSURANCE PLAN and we do not make payments directly to healthcare services providers. It is a discount program and you are obligated to pay for all healthcare services at time of service. You will receive discounts for healthcare services from those providers who have contracted with the plan.

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