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Caring for your Dentures

09/27/23 12:58 PM

Dental care for Dentures Dos and Don’t when not in use. 

Dos: When not wearing your dentures, keep them in cool water or the dentist-advised denture solution. 

Don’t. Do not use hot water or put your dentures in a dry place, as this can cause your dentures to warp or dry out, making your dentures ill-fitting. Don’t put your dentures in a paper towel, as not only will a paper towel absorb the moisture, but it can also be mistaken for trash and tossed out. (I remember my grandmother would do this and stick them in her dress pocket. Little to say, she ends up losing them quite a bit) Do keep your dentures safe from small kids and dogs. Kids love to play with almost anything they find. Dentures in a child’s hands tend not to hold up well. Also, pets like dogs may find your dentures if they are not in a safe place, and you may as well start saving money for a new set of dentures. In conclusion, ensuring you take good care of your dentures will make them last longer and save you money from getting new ones sooner than necessary.

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