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California Dental – Gingivitis, Recommendations To Control It.

11/08/22 10:15 AM

When I was younger I did not take good care of my teeth and gums and got gingivitis. However now I am brushing two to three times a day flossing once or twice a day and using Listerine after brushing my teeth. I also see my dentist two the three time a year depending on what is needed. Yet I like to know if there is anything else I need to do to control or avoid getting gingivitis again that I am not currently doing.

Answer: You stated that you are bushing your teeth two to three times a day. That you also floss at least two times a day and you are using Listerine mouthwash after brushing, as well as seeing your dentist for the required cleaning. I think you are covering all your bases very well. There is not much more you can do. I know that there are some mouthwash that will indicate that they have gingivitis protection maybe look for that.

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