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California Dental Insurance – Dentures, Alinement and Repairs

09/20/22 5:39 AM

I have not had dental insurance for over two years since I first gotten complete upper and lower dentures. At the time I did not think since I had the denture I would need to have dental insurance any more. However, I am starting to find out that getting aliments and repairs to my dentures are costly. Is there dental insurance for dentures?

Answer: For your needs you may want to review dental discount plans. Generally you will save at least 20% off the cost of repairs and adjustments to your dentures. If you are want a dental insurance plan, make sure the plan offers coverage for dentures repairs, some plan will only do so if you show proof you had the dentures for at least five or more years. Where as other plans may have long term waiting periods before they offer benefits for repairs to partials and dentures.

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