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Chewing and Dental Health – California Dental Insurance

01/05/22 7:00 AM

Question: I do chew daily, I am wanting to stop but until I do if I brush often will that help prevent dental health issues?

Answer: The side effects of chewing tobacco are numerous, but since we are talking about your teeth here are the side effects related to just your mouth.

1) Stained teeth
2) Bad breath
3) Sores on the gums and in the mouth that are stubborn to heal
4) Some of the effects on dental health are escalated by the sugar that is added to the tobacco during processing to improve the taste.
5) Risk of developing oral cancer

It is a good idea to stop chewing as soon as possible brushing your teeth is important but when chewing you are still increasing your risks for dental health issues.

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Chewing and Dental Health - California Dental Insurance, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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