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CA Dental Insurance- Why Replace a Dental Filling

08/26/19 8:06 AM

Although fillings can last many years they may not always last forever. Without knowing you can wear down a filling by constant pressure from chewing when eating. Other people also may grind or clench their teeth knowingly or not which will also cause wear on a fillings. People that grind their teeth when they sleep should wear a night guard in order to protect their teeth. You may not be able to see the wearing down on your fillings but a dentist can. Normally a dentist will be able to spot weaknesses in fillings during your regular check ups.

Without regular check ups filling wear will go unnoticed. If the seal between the tooth and the filling breaks down then you are leaving your tooth open to new decay, which can get under your filling. If left untreated the decay can progress to the dental pulp and may cause infection and or abscessed. In which case can lead to larger dental services such as a root canal. You can see the importance of regular dental visits. Many times people do not know any of this is going on until they start to have tooth pain. Preventive dental care not only saves you from unwanted dental pain, but in the long run will save you from having higher cost dental services.

Keep in mind that there are many low cost dental insurance plans such as HMO dental insurance plans that offer free office visits, check ups, X-rays and cleanings. By buying and using dental insurance you can save money and help keep a beautiful smile.

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