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Choose a California dental insurance plan for individuals and couples.

We are proud to offer the best dental insurance plans in California. Dental companies include PacifiCare, Golden West Dental, Delta Dental, Careington, Aetna Dental Access, and Multiflex. See some of our recommendations.

California Dental Insurance Plans Share of Cost

Families and individuals on Medi-Cal who receive cash assistance through CalWORKs or SSI may not be required to pay a share of cost. We have dental plans to help you meet your threshold requirements.

If you do not understand how this work here is the basics but keep in mind it may change without notice. The cost is generally calculated on a monthly basis by deducting a set "maintenance need level" from your net income commonly understood as that portion you have to spend after taxes.

Thus, the share of cost equals your net income minus the maintenance need which is an amount allocated for her living expenses. . We hope that makes sense. If not, please contact us.

Keep in mind some Medi-Cal beneficiaries do not get free aid, but instead are required to pay or incur a certain amount of medical expenses each month before the assistance kicks in.

You can elect to buy dental insurance as part of your medical health care bills and this may help meet the threshold or your obligation and qualify you for assistance.

What Are Some Of The Best Ways To Whiten Your Teeth?

Whitening has become all the rage nowadays and maintaining a nice smile is an important part of your total dental hygiene regiment. Brushing your with a whitening toothpaste is the most basic step to achieving a dazzling smile. However, if you want to try a more elaborate method there are a few that will cater to your request.

First youíll need to look at your daily intake of dark liquids, such as coffee, tea. Don't forget soft drinks and smoking can discolor your teeth as well. There are some limits to getting the whiteness back to their original brightness. One way to make sure that your teeth are not exposed to any of the afore mentioned stain bandits is to drink your favorite coffee, tea or soft drink through a straw, this allows the liquid to bypass them. This might be something youíll want to do after you use a whitening agent so you can keep the brightness at a maximum.

If you want to spend a little more money on whitening procedures that are faster then there are a few options available. There are home kits that contain whitening strips; it seems each company that toothpaste on the market has an addendum to their product.   Dental insurance for Couples!
  • Some boast that they can whiten your teeth at least three to four shades brighter, the main ingredient is baking soda and peroxide; if those are listed on the box then youíll probably get what you pay for.

  • Some whitening strips do cause sensitivity, I used some and it was too much for me, Iíve opted to stay with a good toothpaste.

Another natural method of whitening is to brush with baking soda and rinse with peroxide:

As noted, although the taste will have you reaching for something sweet just to get the awful taste out of your mouth. I recommend a clear soda. This self-method will do the same job as a whitening strip, itís not pleasing to the pallet but it does get the job done.

If money is not an object and you actually like sitting in the dentist chair then they have some methods that will have you smiling brighter in about an hour. Bleaching, which sounds terrible, is actually the method that Hollywood stars use. Your dentist will fit you with a mouth piece that only covers the teeth.

A gel substance that contains hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide will generally be used. If youíre a person who doesnít like to breath through your nose or you have a light gag reflex then I donít recommend this procedure. This usually takes from 30 minutes to two hours and it has amazing results.

The last method, and its last for a reason, is porcelain veneers. These are fitted jackets of white coverings that go over each tooth. This is the most expensive method, each tooth could cost $700 dollars, multiply that times 32, but if you really want to forego the above mentioned procedures then get out your checkbook. Porcelain veneers are the current choice of those who are featured on some TV shows.

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