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California dental insurance plan as low as $6.50 a month. Filings cost $30 at the dentist.

FREE teeth cleanings. Top dental companies include PacifiCare, Golden West Dental, Delta Dental, Careington, Aetna Dental Access, and Multiflex. Buy an dental policy plan online and see the dentist tomorrow.

California Dental Plans: Tooth Decay Share of Cost

Families and individuals on Medi-Cal who receive cash assistance through CalWORKs or SSI may not be required to pay a share of cost. We have dental plans to help you meet your threshold requirements.

If you do not understand how this work here is the basics but keep in mind it may change without notice. The cost is generally calculated on a monthly basis by deducting a set "maintenance need level" from your net income commonly understood as that portion you have to spend after taxes.

Thus, the share of cost equals your net income minus the maintenance need which is an amount allocated for her living expenses. . We hope that makes sense. If not, please contact us.

Keep in mind some Medi-Cal beneficiaries do not get free aid, but instead are required to pay or incur a certain amount of medical expenses each month before the assistance kicks in.

You can elect to buy dental insurance as part of your medical health care bills and this may help meet the threshold or your obligation and qualify you for assistance.

Tooth Decay: What is Tooth Decay, Symptoms, Causes, Cures?

Teeth are primarily made up of four main tissues, namely enamel, dentin, cementum and dental pulp. Tooth decay is a disease, scientifically known as dental caries or dental cavity, which essentially weakens the tissue structure causing “holes”.

The disease causes pain and tooth loss, and is infectious. Primary Causes: Dental caries results due to fermentable carbohydrates, in the presence of which cavity causing bacteria (Lactobacillus species, Streptococcus mutans, and Actinomynes species) produce acid over time on the tooth surface.

Plaque leads to gum diseases like gingivitis yellowness and tooth loss.

Every time we eat a meal, particles of food remain stuck to our cavity even after washing the mouth with plain water. But nowadays dentists advise everyone to brush their after every meal.  Next Day Dental Plans!

  • Since most of the enamel coating is mineral based, in presence of acid it dissolves easily, corroding the tooth

  • This becomes a breeding ground for these bacteria, which feed on this sugar and produce acids because food contains carbohydrates that break down into simple sugar compounds like glucose and sucrose

What To Do When Your Teeth Start Decaying?

Regardless of what is said here, you need to see a dentist promptly. Plaque is a colorless biofilm wholly consisting of bacteria, naturally present in the cavity. Usually it is harmless, and regular brushing keeps it to a minimum. But if you allow the plaque to accumulate, then in the presence of food (mainly sugar compounds) they form acid that is corrosive to enamel.

Accumulation of plaque leads to formation of tartar. Dentists offer the facility of regular removal of tartar. Plaque leads to gum diseases like gingivitis and yellowness. Many times one experiences chips of the tartar layer coming off. When the tartar chips away in this manner it takes away a considerable amount of the enamel coating. Since the enamel layer protects the roots, once this protection is lost, they become sensitive to extremes of hot, cold, sweet, and sour food.

Every time we eat a meal, particles of food remain stuck even after washing the mouth with plain water. Usually, we are taught to brush twice daily: once after waking up in the morning, and the second time before going to bed after dinner. But nowadays dentists advise everyone to brush after every meal to avoid the collection of food particles and tartar completely. Studies have indicated doing this may also prevents heart disease.

Smoking harms more than tartar. The tobacco contains high concentrations of nicotine. When this nicotine mixes with the saliva and forms the spit, this solution stains the surface and corrodes the enamel exactly like plaque does. Over time, this nicotine pigmentation causes tooth loss, staining of surface, loss of enamel coating, bad breath, and of course its usual harm to the lungs.

All forms of alcohol contain high concentrations of sugar. This is the main reason for their harmfulness. The sugar content in them reacts with the acid producing bacteria of the leading to dental caries. Patients suffering from diabetes already have high sugar content in their body. Consequently, diabetic patients suffer more severely of tooth decay than others. Hence, carrying forward from the previous point, they are advised against alcohol consumption.

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Tooth decay is a disease, scientifically known as dental caries or dental cavity,
which essentially weakens the tissue structure causing “holes”. FREE teeth cleanings $6.50 a month dental insurance
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